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2024 Space Symposium Pitch Competition

This year marks the 39th anniversary of Space Symposium, and the first year that startups have a dedicated stage.


Organized by Space Foundation’s Space Commerce Institute and powered by Starburst Aerospace, this first-ever pitch competition is designed to showcase emerging space companies at the “must attend” annual event and create an opportunity for entrepreneurs to connect with key stakeholders across the sector.


The pitch competition will take place on Wednesday, April 10, 2024. The event will run from 14:00-16:30 and feature a panel discussion with industry executives about the future of innovation, collaboration, and working with startups. A networking reception will follow.


Applications are open through Monday, February 26, 2024. Global companies (not specifically US-based companies) are welcome to apply.


Ideal applications will showcase novel solutions and teams with clear technical capability and business acumen. Technologies should be proven in a lab or prototype setting with potential for future innovation and growth, ideally ranging from TRL 4-7. Demonstrated commercial and government customer traction is a major plus.


The top applicants will be granted the opportunity to pitch their companies to a distinguished panel comprising innovation leaders from the United States Air Force, United States Navy, NASA, industry, and venture capital. The audience at the invite-only event will comprised of stakeholders and decision makers from industry and government.

Space Symposium: Innovate

The impact that startups are having on the space industry is undeniable. Startups are accelerating the rate of technology development, introducing new business models, and challenging the status quo.


The role that startups are playing in the industry is key to sustained growth and competitive edge: they offer a unique blend of risk-tolerance, innovative mindset, and agility that larger, more established entities often cannot match. That said, navigating markets characterized by dynamic growth—driven by venture capital, rapid refresh cycles, and competition between commercial players—is challenging for everyone.


Space Symposium: Innovate was launched in 2024, in partnership with Starburst, to build an ecosystem that accelerates technological advancements and ensures robust, sustainable growth in both national security and commercial sectors.


In the rapidly evolving market, synergy between startups and corporates is not just beneficial but essential. Collaborative efforts harness the agility and innovation of startups with the scale and experience of established corporations, creating a dynamic ecosystem that accelerates technological advancements and ensures robust, sustainable growth in both national security and commercial sectors.


The addition of Space Symposium: Innovate into Space Symposium’s programming aims to increase exposure to emerging technologies, create opportunities for alignment on critical challenges, and de-risk collaboration.


Hosted by Space Foundation since 1984, Space Symposium draws over 11,000 attendees every year, uniting leaders from diverse global sectors including government, industry, military, intelligence, research, and investment.

Applications Due: 11:59PM PT February 26, 2024

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