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Pitch Competition Goals

Innovation and collaboration are core values for both Space Foundation and Starburst, and both organizations are dedicated to driving innovation and collaboration in the space sector. By partnering together, Space Foundation and Starburst seek to infuse fresh perspectives into Space Symposium’s discourse, ensuring that that industry remains dynamic and forward-thinking.


Industry-transforming innovation doesn’t just happen: innovation is an active process that comes from continually seeking new information, asking challenging questions, engaging with customers, experimenting with new ideas, and networking with diverse individuals with varying perspectives. Through Space Symposium: Innovate and this 2024 inaugural pitch competition, Space Foundation and Starburst seek to establish a place for creative intersection that will spur innovation and sustained growth across the aerospace and defense sector.

Why Apply?

The opportunity to pitch at Space Symposium brings exposure to global leaders from across the space sector: multiple spacefaring nations; space agencies; commercial space businesses and associated subcontractors; military; national security and intelligence organizations; cyber security organizations; federal and state government agencies and organizations; research and development facilities; think tanks; educational institutions; space entrepreneurs and private space exploration and commercial space travel providers; space commerce businesses engaged in adapting, manufacturing or selling space technologies for commercial use and media that inspire and educate the general public about space.


Applicants selected to pitch at Space Symposium will present their solutions to a distinguished panel comprising innovation leaders from the United States Air Force, United States Navy, NASA, industry, and venture capital, in front of an audience global leaders from across the space sector.


The company selected as winner of the inaugural pitch competition will be awarded five hours of consulting from Space Commerce Institute, a one-year subscription to The Space Report, and two complimentary tickets to the 40th Annual Space Symposium, scheduled for April 7-10, 2025.

Application Review Criteria

Technical Merit

  • Does this product/technology provide a strong, practical solution to a real-world problem?

  • Does the product/technology utilize novel concepts, approaches, instrumentation, etc.?

  • Does (or will) the proposed product/technology rely on other technologies that have yet to be developed or are not fully matured?

  • What is the TRL of the product/technology?

Potential Impact

  • How is this capability accomplished today and what are the limitations of current practice?

  • If successfully developed and commercialized, what impact will the solution have? (Impacts to industry practices, processes, architecture, environment, etc.)

Team Expertise

  • Does the team demonstrate a high level of ability and dedication?

  • Do the founders have a pre-existing professional relationship? Have they built other successful businesses (either together or separately)?

  • Does the team indicate a diversity of perspectives, professional experiences, demographics, etc.?

Government and/or Commercial Product Market Fit

  • Does the product/technology qualify as 'dual-use'? How similar are the proposed applications for both commercial and government use?

  • Are the product's users and purchasers clearly identified, or has the product already generated revenue?

  • Is there a clear path for the product/service to become a viable business commercially (without government support)?

  • Is there demonstrated demand or a clearly stated need from government customers for the product/technology?

Applications Due 11:59PM PT February 26th, 2024

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